Saturday, September 29, 2012

First Experiences in Second Life

Me on a camel in the desert of Giza

I am not much of a gamer. I really don't see the point of them. I don't do well at games, I think it is my inability to automatically determine my left from my right and I lack mouse co-ordination. So I approached my first experiences with Second Life with trepidation.
My first experience in second life had be bumping into objects with my hands out like a zombie wearing a steam punk outfit. I tried to chat to some people around me but they had as much idea as to what to do as I did. I had considerable lag on my actions, so I always seemed to move much further than I wanted to and found the experience disappointing and frustrating..
I have always wanted to visit Egypt, so for my second visit I searched for Egyptian themed places. Amongst the places I visit was a Giza pyramid where I learned to sit on a camel and took some photos.
My third experience in second life was a introduction with Cas Geordie. This turned out to be frustrating as I had trouble with sound. In the end people could hear me, but I couldn't hear them. I was able to get some chat summaries from one of the other students about what was happening but felt left out.
My best experience was on a virtual tour with another student who taught me how to interact more with objects and where, among other places, we visited Info Island and took a cushion tour.
Some of the functions I have learned on SL include sitting, running, walking, flying, changing camera angles, changing my outfit in a dressing room, dancing, interacting with objects.
I will continue to experiment with Second Life and try to look for experiences in using a library in this virtual world.

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