Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Defining Librarian 2.0

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One of my reasons for doing this course is to develop the skills to become a web 2.0 using librarian, Librarian 2.0. I have experimented with Web 2.0 technologies privately and I want to branch out and use them professionally. So what are the essential knowledge, skills and attributes that define Librarian 2.0.

Firstly, I believe that the role of librarian hasn't change but tools that are available and the information environment has, so Librarian 2.0 it is about adopting these tools and adapting to the new environment. Librarians are about connecting people to the information they need and to have services that focuses on the needs of users, even anticipating what these needs will be. Librarian 2.0 continues in this tradition.

Librarian 2.0 understands the theory and power of Web 2.0, they are tech savvy and on top of trends in the technological and Web 2.0 worlds. They experiment, immerse themselves in, and and have fun with Web 2.0 technologies so that they can find the right tool for the job which results in better services for patrons (Harvey, 2009, p.7). They connect with patrons in ways that patrons prefer such as texting, IM, Skype, email, or virtual reference (Abrams, 2007, para.12) and actively look for ways to engage and converse with them. Librarians have needed to be team workers but with Web 2.0 teams got bigger and it is possible to collaborate with patrons as well as staff. Librarian 2.0 is creative and good at community building, they use Web 2.0 technologies to create content, then to allow and encourage collaboration on this content.
Librarian 2.0 has the ability to embrace and adapt to change. Technologies change, platforms change. Librarian 2.0 invest lots of time into Web 2.0 technologies and may find that these are superseded by a different technology. They cannot become too attached to platforms.
Librarian 2.0 is enthusiastic about Web 2.0 and encourages and educates their library to be more participatory in Web 2.0 such as using social tagging, social networking and social media technologies.

Within this definition you will see that Librarian 2.0 embraces the underlying principles of Web 2.0 known as the 4 Cs: Collaboration, Conversation, Community and Content creation (Hay, Wallis, O'Connell & Crease, 2012).

I feel have some of these characteristics and I am developing the skills to be this type of librarian

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