Monday, July 23, 2012

Delving into Pinterest

I mentioned in my earlier post some of the social media sites that I use. Some of the sites that I use I don't feel that I use effectively.  For example Pinterest contains photos of images I like, and craft ideas.  These are images that I have found myself on the internet. I haven't 'repinned' anyone's images.  I may as well just have a file on my computer with these images as I am treating Pinterest as a storage area.
So this week I am going to make more of an effort to developed my networks, following people I know and repinning images to delve into the social networks of Pinterest.
ADDITION: August 28, 2012
I began using Pinterest in 2011 after an invite from a friend who was using it. It was a very visually appealing so I thought I would join up. I was one of those people who was always saving images from the internet on to my computer but this seemed like a really easy way to do it. I could see images that other people had pinned and if I liked it I could repin it. I started up two boards one for food and one for craft and happily repinned people's pins, and I found friends that were using Pinterest and followed them and in turn they followed me. After a few weeks of doing this, I realised that I didn't just have to repin other people's pins but I could find an image on the website and pin it myself using a bookmarklet called “pin it”. This added a whole new dimension to my pinning, now I was 'surfing the net' and pinning.
Starting this subject made me look more closely and my now favourite social networking site, and I discovered that it is actually a bookmarking site!!! I had no idea, I was just adding pretty pictures! It made me wonder how many others don't realize that when you pin an image that image is associated with a URL which directs you to the website that the image came from.
This knowledge changed my use of Pinterest and a further post will document the result and how I think libraries may be able to use Pinterest.  

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